Bovada Sportsbook Review

Bovada have quickly become one of the leading betting sites in the world, and we use the word ‘world’ because they are a truly international brand. The company are one of few that offer a betting home for US based sports bettors. This market is still one of the biggest in the industry and as the company continues to grow, so does their sportsbook.

What’s interesting about Bovada is that the company have a strong background in both casino and poker, with sports betting being one of their newer entities. Whilst they aren’t the first company to expand in this way, they are one of few that have successfully managed to integrate sports betting in a comprehensive way to make their gambling portfolio even stronger.


Upon registering a new account with Bovada you will become eligible to receive a free bet bonus of 50% of your first deposit. This will result in a maximum bonus of $250 meaning that to generate the maximum bonus you will need to deposit $500 or more.

The bonus is pretty simple to use. After you have made your deposit the bonus will be credited to your account within half an hour. If it’s not in your account within this time frame we recommend contacting customer support who are actually very prompt in sorting any issues.

You get 30 days from your first deposit to clear your bonus and any bonus not cleared within this timeframe will become void. You will need to rollover your deposit and your bonus amount 3 times before becoming eligible to withdraw.

‘All about darts’

The inclusion of darts to the Bovada sports book was actually quite a surprising one at first. A site that’s predominantly been based around US sports because of their background, it’s not often you see a sport that is mainly played in mainland Europe included; especially as niche as darts can be.

The flip side of this just goes to show how popular the sport is becoming and whilst darts is played in the US, it’s probably more an indication as to how Bovada are looking to expand their markets rather than the success of darts from within the country.

Another surprise was just how well the sport is covered. We noticed that events such as the World Grand Prix, Premier League, World Masters, World Championships, World Matchplay and a range of other tournaments are all included. They actually follow suit with many of the bigger European bookmakers in that it massively depends on the time of year as to how many markets are open.

We really enjoyed the fact that Bovada were able to include a bit of their American heritage to the markets as well. By this we mean their inclusion of parlay (accumulators) bets for the sport. We know how big of a betting market this is within the US and it’s always nice to see betting companies throw together different betting types for a range of sports.

Their Darts Props market is another nice addition to their betting portfolio and these range from a series of different options for bettors. Things like most 180’s, 9 dart finishes, highest checkouts and biggest averages are all part of their Proposition market.

Whilst single game coverage is good, their Futures section allows you to bet on the outcome of any ongoing tournament. Matching these prices up across the industry, we found Bovada to be extremely competitive and even some picks being best priced with the company.

Other markets

As we mentioned earlier, the range of sports on offer from Bovada are really quite excellent. What you tend to find from US facing bookmakers is that the sports popular in their country are always covered really well, but those from outside the US tend to be forgotten. This isn’t the case with Bovada.

Included are a range of sports such as soccer, UFC, MMA, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Cricket, Snooker and a host of other sports. You may think that these sports are mostly popular in the US as well, and granted they are, but the markets are often very vast in terms of the countries that are involved. Taking soccer as a quick example, you not only get extensive coverage of the MLS but also leagues from the UK, France, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Turkey and a bunch of others.

Our Verdict of Bovada

It’s probably fair to say that the US market is one that’s been neglected for quite a while in terms of sports betting. When you compare a US bookmaker to say and established European brand, there is often little comparison with the Euro bookmaker blowing the Americans out of the water.

Finally the US seems to have something in the form of Bovada that can at least rival these competitors and for some, overtake. Whilst darts is obviously the biggest attraction for us within this review, what we did find was that overall, Bovada have impressed no end throughout their whole sports book.

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