Bet365 Sportsbook Review

One of the most intriguing stories from within the gambling industry over the last decade or so is without doubt, the rise of Bet365. We use the word intriguing because the route they have taken to get to where they are now is vastly different to the majority of the competitors.

Whilst most of your larger bookmakers had a strong high street brand already established, Bet365 were one of few to enter the online market with little brand recognition. It didn’t take long for the company to flourish and we are delighted to recommend them as one of the best bookmakers around.

‘All about darts’

Bet365 will probably be the first to admit that darts hasn’t always been their number one market when it comes to both coverage and depth. Then again, if most bookmakers were being completely honest then they would probably say exactly the same about their own company.

The increase in popularity of darts has forced Bet365’s hand somewhat and has made them become more proactive with the betting coverage that they show darts. The comparison between the markets on offer today to even just a few years ago is simply staggering!

Before we go any further, we want to point out that whilst the sport has seen a huge increase in exposure on Bet365, it won’t get anywhere as many markets as say your football or horse racing; the frequency in which tournaments run and the lack of coverage with the smaller competitions pretty much dictate this. But, for the purpose of this section of the review, it simply wouldn’t be fair to compare it to these, and it’s for this reason that we will be going off what’s in front of us.

Time of year plays a big factor in terms of markets, but luckily at the time of writing the Premier League is just kicking off which should give us a good look at Bet365 in full flow.

Probably the most impressive feature in this section is just how deep Bet365 run with their markets. To be fair, this is something that they do with just about every sport they cover, but there is really no stone unturned here. A few markets – taken from a massively long list – include outright winner, most 180’s, to finish bottom, 170 finishes, 9 dart finishes, winners nationality, to be relegated, handicap betting, correct leg score, highest checkout, total legs and first 180. This is roughly half of the markets just for the following weeks Premier League matches. Don’t forget that Bet365 turn the majority of these live as games take place and also add in additional ones as the game starts to develop.

What’s a quality feature on Bet365 is the fact that you can stream some of the competitions from around the world. Granted these are generally some of the smaller meetings but we actually think that this plays into their hand. You see, the bigger events are available on TV making it pretty accessible to the majority of darts fans. These smaller competitions can’t be found anywhere and the coverage that Bet365 provides is actually very good. We’ve often found ourselves watching games from competitions that we didn’t even realise were running, yet had some of the best players in the world playing!

Other markets

Away from darts, there are few that even come close to Bet365 in terms of the sports and diversity of each market they offer. The list of sports and events are just ridiculous and include all of the majors such as football, cricket, rugby, golf, horse racing and tennis. Included with these are some not so mainstream markets from the worlds of badminton, curling, floorball, handball, surfing, table tennis, trotting and bandy, of which we will admit that we had to Google to find out what it was!

It’s all well and good having this many sports to pick from, but Bet365 just take market coverage to the next level. The more popular sports such as football include an unbelievable amount of markets and give you opportunities to bet on things that you’d never normally think of. Just looking at one English Premier League game taking place at the weekend offers up over 100 markets to bet on, and this is before any of the live betting markets are even considered.

Our Verdict of Bet365

Bet365 aren’t a company who are often too far behind an emerging sport or bet type from within the industry. In fact, more often than not they are innovators providing sports and markets that most people wouldn’t have even thought of.

This feels a little bit like their darts coverage. If you looked on the site 5 years ago you may forgive a betting company for providing few or even no darts betting opportunities. But now you look at Bet365 and you can only marvel at the depth in which they have covered the sport.

Bookmakers are often a very personal thing for most bettors and saying that one is better than another is a pretty bold statement, and not one we are necessarily going to do. But we will state a fact, and that is there are very, very few bookmakers that cover darts as comprehensively, professionally and thorough as Bet365!

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