Basic Betting Strategy

Over the years, we have tried and tested so many different ways you can bet on a variety of sports; darts included. We have had differentiating amounts of success with these and whilst some have stuck, the majority fall by the way side (and often making our pockets that bit lighter!).

What we have come up with is a solid betting strategy that people who are new to betting or are even experienced to the industry, can follow. We will say that this information might not be ground breaking to a lot of you, but you wouldn’t even believe the amount of people that wager large sums of money without follow any sort of strategy or inputting any work into their bets. If you do this, you will go broke; simple!

The following will give you a really solid platform and provide you with a base of knowledge that will see you right for years to come. We just want to add that whilst this is obviously a darts orientated site, this strategy can be applied to all types of betting.

Research Your Picks

This may seem like the most obvious thing ever when it comes to betting, but you wouldn’t even believe how many people don’t research their bets. The number of times a friend has approached one of us and said something along the lines of “oh, I quite fancy x to win this afternoon” to which our response is why, followed by a “I just have a feeling”. A feeling isn’t going to win you money in the long run.

I was told at a relatively young age that I needed to invest time into my money and this is something as true today as it’s ever been. Don’t get us wrong, the bookmakers will have guys who literally do this as a job and they will be trying to sap every last drip of value out of each bet. But this makes sitting down to choose your selections more carefully, all the more important.

A fair follow up to that would be, how do you go about researching bets?

Study Form

Form is a huge factor in any sport and it’s often a player’s form that will determine the outcome of the upcoming match. This isn’t always the case, shocks happen in sport, probably as much as any walk of life, but this is why we love it!

Looking at the immediate and distant past is both as equally important when looking at a players form. What we like to do is look how someone has played over the last 4 or 5 games first. See who’s hot and who’s not! When doing this, also bear in mind the calibre of their previous opponents and the player who they are about to play.

Next up, look at how they have played over the course of the season and decipher if they are in a lull of form or a peak. Often a player will be somewhere in-between which then means it’s important to switch to the head-to-head form. You can look back at previous games and what was at stake for each. For this though, we wouldn’t advise going too far back in the history books. Darts players often play each in smaller events very often, which means games over the last 12 to 18 months will be relevant, anything longer and it begins to fade into insignificant.

Bankroll Management

We’ve saved the biggest till last; bankroll management. This concept basically means that you are betting within your means, or simply put, betting what you can afford to lose!

Betting on sport will mean that you are going to lose at some point; it’s just one of life’s little certainties that will always be. In fact, you can lose more bets than you win and still be a very successful sports bettor.

It was actually from my days as an online poker player that taught me proper bankroll management and you learned to practice this religiously to become successful and deal with inevitable downswings.

Set yourself a budget, whether it is for the month or the year. Everyone will be totally different and if that means you can afford to put one bet on a week of £10 each or 10 bets a day at £100 each, establishing how much you can afford to lose without it putting you in financial difficulties is essential.

The idea is that you continue to place your bets each week safe in the knowledge that if you lose, it won’t affect you too much. A losing streak may mean you have to limit either the frequency you bet or the amount you stake. The flip side is that if you go on a good run, your bankroll will be healthier meaning you can bet more or even higher amounts, should you choose.