Sports Betting Guide

After so many years within the betting industry, it’s only natural that we are going to have worked up a pretty solid foundation for betting. It’s for this reason why we have produced a series of articles that we think will help you in your quest to become better at betting.

We are going to be honest and say that the information below isn’t particularly ground breaking, but we know that if you include these fundamentals into not only your darts betting, but every sport for that matter, you will become a much more solid and in time, a more profitable bettor.

Betting Odds Explained

Our first article looks at the different kinds of betting odds and how they work. It can be daunting to learn just what the odds mean and you wouldn’t believe how many people actually come to us and ask us to break it down for them; hence the reason for this article.

We look at fractional, decimal and American style odds whilst giving you working examples of each. We realise that most bookmakers allow you to choose the style of odds you want to view, but nevertheless, we felt it is important to understand each kind, just in case.

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How to Bet on Darts

Again, this is another pretty basic, but really solid article on how to place a bet on darts. What may seem very obvious to some isn’t so to others, so this article was a keen feature to our series.

We try to address how look for a bookmaker that is going to suit you. There are literally hundreds to choose from but on our site we have only included a handful which covers a number of different bases. This guide should help you decide which will work best for you before then offering up some advice as to what to look out for before placing your bet.

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Banking Options

There are now ridiculous amounts of ways in which you can bank online and more specifically, deposit and withdraw from an online bookmaker. In all honesty, the number of deposit options is pretty stupid and totally unnecessary; but that is the market in which we work in.

We have broken it down it a much more manageable amount to choose from and as a result have given you ways in which you can make sure your banking will be secure. Again, the bookmakers we have included and promote on the site are all 100% safe and secure meaning your funds will be safe at all times. If you’re still unsure, read the article as it should help.

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Basic Betting Strategy

Let’s get one thing out the way once and for all; this article isn’t going to make you a successful bettor. We can’t control the bets that you put on but, what we can do is make your betting experience a lot more refined and in turn, iron out leaks you may be making.

We cover aspects such as how to go about researching your picks, study player form and bankroll management. These are three key fundamentals that you simply have to use if you are going to make any money from the betting industry. It’s relatively basic, but solid, and we know the information that we have included in this article works!

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