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We Help You Overcome Two Challenges Every Dart Bettor Faces Online

There are two challenges dart bettors face online.

Let’s go over those now.

One challenge is finding a solid bookmaker with a diverse selection of competitive dart betting markets.

You try to solve this problem by reading dart betting site reviews. But that presents another challenge.

There are too few candid review sites. Which probably stems from fear.

These sites think if they’re too ‘honest’ about a sportsbook’s shortcoming that maybe you won’t sign up. Thus, they miss out on a commission.

This sort of thinking is understandable, but flawed – and not with YOUR best interest in mind.

We like to do things differently here. We prefer to be honest and straight-forward. There’s enough hype and hoopla online. No need for us to add to it.

But I’m not saying you should listen to us, either. You need to decide that for yourself.

And the best way to do that is to browse our site. As you read, always ask yourself – do these guys have my best interest in mind?

I think you’ll see that we do.

Anyway, feel free to get started. The fastest way is to use the navigation above. You can also read further down the page to learn more about how we can help you.

Let’s Talk Dart Betting Sites

Let’s talk a minute about finding a solid sportsbook to join.

It’s not easy simply because each book is similar. Most will have dart betting, amongst 100 other sports you can wager on.

So, a lot of it will come down to preference. What dart tournaments and events do you want to bet on?

There are quite a few. For example:

  • World Darts Championship
  • Winmau World Masters
  • PDC World Championship
  • Premier League
  • PDC UK Open
  • PDC World Grand Prix
  • Grand Slam of Darts

And loads more.

Between all those you’ll have different markets to bet on, too.

For example:

  • To win outright
  • Regular season winner
  • Player 180’s
  • First dart
  • Score after 4 legs
  • Double result
  • Final leg total checkout
  • Highest checkout in week
  • Double chance 2-way
  • First 180
  • Lead after (legs)

And so on.

Like I said – this will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. As will the odds and prices you’ll get.

So, not only do you want to find a sportsbook you can trust, but one that also has the markets you want to wager on at a fair price.

(We want to make money, no?)

Our recommendation is this – be sure to sign up to multiple sportsbooks. This will give you the chance to bet on whatever tournament or event you want, the markets you want, and the chance to find a price you can make a killer profit at.

But where should you sign up? That’s the real question.

After all, there’s no shortage of legal sportsbooks for players in Europe and the UK.

We’ve created a section on our site where we posted our sportsbook reviews. We cover all sorts of details, from what promos they’re running, what markets they offer action on, what banking options they accept (and the fees they charge), and loads more.

Not every sportsbook is a good fit. We recommend reading each one to see which sportsbook is a good fit for you.

You’ll find our dart betting site reviews here.

Banking Online for Dart Bettors

Banking online in Europe and the UK isn’t that hard to do.

(You have it much easier than the folks living in the USA.)

Your challenge is merely finding a sportsbook that accepts the methods you prefer to use. Then, from there, you want to make sure the time frames for deposits and withdrawals are reasonable. Who wants to wait for their money to clear?

More than that, though, you want to check for fees.

Many sportsbooks will cover fees, especially if you make a larger deposit and/or are a loyal customer. This sometimes even includes withdrawals, where most companies choose not cover the fees (because you’re taking money OFF their site).

But some books will try to get you either way. They’ll hit you with a couple percent points on your deposit using your Visa debit card. Or you’ll get nailed with a $35 money transfer fee. Or a $40 wire transfer fee.

If there’s a way to charge you for it, some bookmakers will do just that. Any way to cover their losses or make another buck.

Which is money out of your pocket …or bankroll.

There’s not a lot of options for how to get around that. You can contact the sportsbook to see if they’ll make an exception. But if you’re more of a weekend punter, I just don’t see that happening.

Your other line of defense is simply education. Choosing the fastest and most cost effective banking options you’re willing to use, then match that with a sportsbook you’d like to join.

To get started down that rabbit hole you can check out our banking options page here.

Figuring This Sports Betting Stuff Out

Once you get all setup your next step will be to figure this sports betting stuff out.

The good news – the fundamentals are pretty much the same no matter the sport you’re betting on. So, if you got those down you’ll be fine.

But if you don’t? Then you’ll want to check these pages out:

  • How to read odds. Learn what the different kinds of betting odds are and how they work. It can be tough to just learn what it all means and how much money you might make (or lose). This article simplifies it.
  • Basic betting strategy. You don’t want to just place any ol’ bet. You want to base your picks on research, player form, and how much you can afford to spend. This page covers those 3 fundamentals in-depth.

That will get you started.

From there you’ll want to learn the nuances of dart betting. This page will seem basic for the more advanced dart bettors. But if you’re a beginner you’ll want to read this page to learn what variables will impact the markets you bet including past performance, recent results, head-to-head stats, and so on.

Anyway, that should be enough to get you going.

If you have any questions about anything sports betting or dart betting related, like choosing a sports book, strategy, and so on – you can contact us with your questions.